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Construction Management
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A successful construction project boils down to 3 crucial factors: schedule, budget, and quality control. Drawing from 54 years of experience within the construction industry, James E. Fitzgerald leverages our experiential knowledge and strategic relationships to successfully deliver for our clients. Our portfolio includes thousands of completed projects, varying in size and complexity, each demonstrating our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.


Value Engineering

JEF's approach to value engineering involves a strategic process aimed at maximizing project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We prioritize collaboration among project stakeholders to identify opportunities for innovation and cost savings without compromising quality. By scrutinizing design and construction processes, we seek to eliminate unnecessary expenses and streamline operations.

Our overarching goal is to deliver exceptional projects that surpass client expectations while maximizing resources.

Schedule Analysis

With a strong focus on schedule analysis, JEF excels in meticulous planning and organizing project timelines to ensure efficient and timely completion. JEF starts each project by identifying critical path items that can affect the overall schedule and implements regular monitoring in order to track progress against the schedule. By harnessing industry-leading technology tools and leveraging our expertise, we optimize scheduling to provide clients with visibility into the construction process. This proactive approach maximizes transparency and allows for effective decision-making, resulting in successful project outcomes.

Conceptual Budgets

Accurate cost estimation is a key element of our Pre-Construction approach. JEF leverages the expertise of its Pre-Construction Managers and Estimators to provide clients with detailed and transparent cost projections. This empowers clients to make informed decisions and align their budgets accordingly. The budgets will be detailed trade by trade and include all quantity takeoffs and backup and will be continually revised to coincide with each project phase. Our experienced team takes into account all project requirements and variables, creating realistic budgets that align with clients' design intent and ensures the smooth execution of projects.

Long Lead Procurement

A crucial aspect of our pre-construction phase is long lead procurement. We streamline this process by identifying critical materials and equipment in advance, engaging proactive subcontractors, and implementing comprehensive tracking and scheduling methods. By establishing strong relationships with reliable subcontractors and closely monitoring procurement timelines, we ensure the timely delivery of materials and mitigate potential project delays. This approach sets the foundation for a seamless construction process from start to finish.

Site Logistics

At JEF, we prioritize effective site logistics to optimize project operations and maintain a safe and organized work environment. Our comprehensive approach encompasses three key elements: traffic management, material handling, and site safety. By carefully managing traffic flow, efficiently handling materials, and implementing robust safety measures, we guarantee a construction process that minimizes disruptions, maximizes productivity, and prioritizes the safety of all stakeholders involved.

Subcontractor Selection

Subcontractor selection is a meticulous process at JEF. By maintaining a vast network of trusted partners and conducting rigorous evaluations, we carefully select subcontractors who share our commitment to delivering quality and prioritizing safety. Our stringent vetting process ensures that every subcontractor aligns with the standards of JEF and our clients, fostering seamless collaboration and on-time quality results.

Risk Management

We employ comprehensive risk management strategies to proactively identify and mitigate potential project risks. Our experienced team conducts thorough risk assessments, implements contingency plans, and maintains open lines of communication to ensure any unforeseen challenges are addressed promptly and effectively. Our commitment to risk management extends across all departments, ensuring that clients benefit from a holistic, risk-focused approach led by project executives, project management, onsite supervision, and JEF office staff.

Construction Management

Project Controls / Technology Tools

To enhance project management efficiency and collaboration, we leverage cutting-edge technology tools and software at JEF. From 3D modeling and time lapse footage of the job-site to cloud-based document management systems, we embrace innovative solutions that optimize productivity, streamline the organization of reports, and enhance overall communication.

Change Order Management / Cost Control

Throughout the construction process, cost control is a top priority at JEF. We employ comprehensive budget tracking, value engineering, and proactive cost-saving measures. By meticulously monitoring and analyzing project costs, we identify potential overruns early on, ensuring projects are completed within budget without compromising quality.

At James E. Fitzgerald, Inc., our approach to change order analysis is methodical and client-centric. All change order requests are meticulously evaluated by our team, taking into account the proposed modifications' impact on the scope of work, project cost, and schedule. We prioritize maintaining transparent communication and ensuring that any alterations in the project's scope only proceed with written authorization from the client. Our change order log is consistently updated to expedite the approval process, categorizing change orders as either Bulletins, RFIs, or previously identified Field Conditions. Additionally, we provide detailed breakdowns, site photos, as well as subcontractor and supplier backup, ensuring clarity and efficiency in the change order review process.

Quality Control

Quality control is a collaborative effort at JEF. Our project staff continuously inspects workmanship and ensures its conformity with the contract documents. Our unique QC review process involves frequent site inspections followed by issuance of a QC report to all parties. Our overarching goal is to proactively rectify deficiencies before the design team begins to prepare their punch lists.

Project Close Out

At JEF, we prioritize a comprehensive project closeout process to ensure client satisfaction and the successful handover of every project. Our thorough and proactive approach encompasses timely on-site inspections, compilation of all as-builts and specifications and ultimately obtaining all applicable DOB/DOT signoffs.